Sprint Night Results for December 2018


Phoebe Lawton201026.96
Amelia Smith201027.61
Nosarume Iyengunmwena201036.4
Eve Smith200925.13
Lucy Blacker200925.77
Millie Anderson200925.8
Rebecca Phillips200926.25
Jessica Kidd200927.59
Rina Ombudo200927.6
Lily Swales200930.84
Sophie Reh200821.13
Chloe Phillips200822.26
Elizabeth Caine200822.81
Lara Parker200823.2
Phoebe Moriarty200823.35
Lailah Power200823.93
Kira Lukacs200824.27
Lily Cobble200824.73
Isabella Goult200824.91
Ellise Owen200825.77
Cheska Tanamor200825.97
Hannah Donnelly200826.45
Hollie Graham200826.46
Elia Hajdus-Beqiraj200827.04
Bethan O200827.23
Sophie Stone200827.27
Niamh McIntyre200827.5
Maisie Carroll200827.78
Freya Fawcett200831.6
Martha Pharoah200834.04
Rujula Gholap200838.32
Alice Smith200720.81
Sahiba Jabeer200722.2
Lyla Davies200723.45
Lottie Joyce200723.6
Amna Jawfer200723.99
Ruby Oliver200724.71
Julia Krusinowska200725.17
Emma Lansberry200727.59
Maria Meknassi200727.82
Maya Swales200620.56
Louisa Hall200621.67
Hazel Knowles200622.78
Sophie Kidd200622.94
Natalia Pawlowska200624.34
Carolina Marques200625.67
Charlie Smith200626.3
Niamh Pharoah200633.2
Rosa Coutts-Smith200522.34
Angelle Agyemang200522.48
Caitlin Symons200522.62
Grace Christian200524.95
Lucie Gibb200421.31

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