Devon Tour - Selection Criteria


Dates for the 2019 Tour are 27th July-2nd August 2019

Age of swimmers: 

10yrs, 11 yrs & 12 yrs, age as at 31st Dec of year of Tour
Number of swimmers: 6 each age group, both male & female, max total 36 swimmers
Selection made by: Head Coach of the Club
Swimmers Eligible: 1) Must have been a member of the club since the 1st August of the year preceding the Tour (i.e. for 2019 Tour must have been a member since 1st August 2018)
2) Renewed their membership by the 1st February of the year of the tour.


Selection Criteria

1. Selection is made from Sprint Night Times only. Selected swimmers must have competed in a minimum of one sprint night since 1st August 2018-28th February 2019.
2. First draft of selections made from September, October, November & December Sprint Nights 2018 plus Jan & February 2019.
3. The Team is to be selected from swimmers who have made themselves available. Availability forms need to be completed by 18th January 2018 and returned to Paul Wilson. 

Order of priority for selection:
1) Those swimmers who have not been on the tour in previous years
2) Those that have been on the tour once
3) Those that have been on the tour twice

The fastest swimmers in each stroke are selected that amounts to the fastest accumulative time for a 100m IM.
The other two places are given to the next two fastest swimmers on front crawl.
Swimmers monthly training session attendance will be taken into consideration and a base of 60% attendance will be used.

Swimmers to confirm selection place by sending the Club Membership Secretary the Club membership for 2019 by 1st February 2019 and the tour organisers a non refundable £50 deposit by the date on the selection letter. After this date a reminder letter will be sent and if no payment as above received by the last date reserves will be invited. 
All selections have to be approved by the Tour Organiser & Team Managers

A meeting will be held with all parents of potential swimmers.

In the event of a query over selection please contact the Head Coach of the Club Adam Ruckwood
In the event of a query over the organisation of the tour please contact the Tour Organiser Calie Smith

Availability forms can be downloaded HERE
Updated: 28/11/18

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