AGM 2023

City of Coventry Swimming Club

Annual General Meeting

November 23rd, 2023, 7:00pm

Alan Higgs Centre



1.               Apologies

2.               President’s opening address

3.               Approval of the minutes of the 2022 AGM

4.               Matters arising from the minutes of the 2022 AGM

5.               Announcement of Swimmer of the Year

6.               Announcement of Female Water Polo Player of the Year

7.               Announcement of Male Water Polo Player of the Year

8.               Nominations for Life Membership and eulogy

9.               Report from the Treasurer and presentation of the accounts for the year 2022/23

10.               Chairman’s Review of the Annual Report

11.               Approval of affiliations for the year 2024 to the following bodies:

·       Coventry & District Association of Swimming Clubs

·       Warwickshire ASA

·       ASA West Midland Swimming

·       British Water Polo League

·       Midland Water Polo League

·       National Conference Water Polo League

·       National Swimming League West Midlands

·       Nuneaton Junior League

·       Leicester Diddy League

·       Mercian League

12.               Vote of thanks to the retiring officers

13.               Announcement of President Elect

14.               Election of Officers and Executive Committee

·       Chairman

·       Executive Secretary

·       Treasurer

·       Membership Secretary

·       Aquatics Group Administrator

·       SwimMark Co-ordinator

·       Men’s Water Polo Group Administrator

·       Women’s Water Polo Group Administrator

·       Masters’ Administrator

·       Fund Raising and PR Administrator

·       Education and Development Administrator

·       Welfare Officer

15.               Election of Trustee

16.               Meeting dates 2023/24

AORB  - If you wish to add items, please notify the Secretary at least 7 days in advance

NB for Item 14  - Election of Officers and Executive Committee - Below is the list of proposed nominations:

*  Trustee Position
Role Current Holder Current Holder Returning Applicants for Role
Chairman* Warren Offer Yes  
Executive Treasurer * Hayley Ward Yes  
Executive Secretary * Vacant – Interim Secretary Leigh Whitbread NA Leigh Whitbread
Aquatics Group Administrator  Julia Betteley Yes  
Men’s Water Polo Group Administrator Matt Elliot Yes  
Masters’ Administrator  NA Yes  
Education and Development Administrator  Calie Smith Yes  
Equality & Diversity Officer James Ombudo Yes  
Membership Secretary  Julia Betteley, Pam Offer Yes  
SwimMark Co-ordinator  Benjamin Jelley No  
Women’s Water Polo Group Administrator  Adrian Noble Yes  
Fund Raising and PR Administrator  Jackie Fairchild Yes  
Welfare Officer  Lucy Minett Yes  
Trustee * Nick Sellwood Yes  
Trustee * Vacant NA Lorraine Chamberlain
President Annette Burke No Avril Ementon
President Elect      
Vice Chair Kevin Sherwood Yes  

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