Sprint Night Results for March 2012


Robin Paier201130.16
Niall Connell200428.53
Niall Connell200431.03
Edward Clarke200329.43
Tommy Smith200330.73
Hadden Smith200333.93
Hadden Smith200336.87
Benjamin Bodart200339.26
Benjamin Bodart200345.22
Brandon Collett200345.74
Brandon Collett200348.03
Joshua Rollins200351
Joshua Rollins200356.44
Max Holton200220.72
Max Holton200222.96
Thomas Strachan200223.49
Thomas Strachan200223.83
Nikhil Mistry200226.83
Ben Harris200230.35
Dylan Wright200242.36
Dylan Wright200244.64
Hymie Connell200119.91
Thomas Warne200121.13
Edward Davies200126.7
Edward Davies200126.97
Matthew Johns200127.13
Matthew Johns200127.3
Thomas Twaites200127.47
Kogulan Vipulan200127.6
Kogulan Vipulan200128.1
James Allen200129.76
Robin Paier200130.96
Jack Beasley200131.65
Joshua Lowe200132.09
Owen Dawson200132.41
Thomas Twaites200132.81
Joel Cox200133.09
Joshua Lowe200133.3
Jack Beasley200133.4
Joel Cox200133.72
Owen Dawson200134.06
Athees Nadeswaran200134.24
Athees Nadeswaran200135.27
Satkavan Chatha200136.14
Rhys Collings200137.28
Charlie Evans200137.37
Charlie Evans200139.06
James Allen200139.16
Rhys Collings200141.92
Nathan Fife200020.16
Kyle Palmer200020.16
Nathan Fife200020.32
Bradley McLeavy200021.36
Bradley McLeavy200021.84
Oliver Nicol200023.91
Oliver Nicol200024.31
Nathan Golsby-Taylor200024.37
Aidyn Robertson200026.31
Aidyn Robertson200026.97
Arjan Janda200027.3
Oliver Schiffmann200028.46
Oliver Schiffmann200029.67
Taran Dhandwer200031.27
Jack Goodwin200032.53
Harvey O200033.04
Kunwar Nagi200034.46
Michael Valdivia200034.62
Harvey O200036.03
Kunwar Nagi200039.09
Jack Winiarski199918.09
Samuel Harris199918.73
Rihon Scullion199920.64
Samuel Baines199920.78
Ryan Lall199920.97
Rihon Scullion199921.09
Thomas Grainger199921.16
Luke Timbrell199921.4
Callum Dalton199921.68
Callum Dalton199922.55
Luke Timbrell199922.6
Samuel Baines199923.16
Ryan Lall199923.19
Jacob Baines199925.24
James Hancox199926.81
James Hancox199927.04
Nirmal Mistry199928.14
Himmat Heer199929.27
Owen Collings199930.19
Abdul Yusuf199930.46
Max Askew199931.62
Abdul Yusuf199932.3
Anthony Grant199933.96
Anthony Grant199934.75
Jordan Mohomed199816.56
Taylor Connell199816.87
Taylor Connell199816.89
Jordan Mohomed199817.47
Richard Albrighton199818.43
Kieran Smith199820.04
Qinrui Zhang199820.33
Joseph Massey199822.4
Ciaron Beasley199823.29
Ciaron Beasley199824.09
Mason Marsh199824.5
Joseph Massey199824.6
Joshua Fairchild199826.64
Joshua Fairchild199827.62
Charlie Jackson199726.91
Charlie Jackson199727.47

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