Sprint Night Results for March 2012


Milly Cuthbert200431.24
Charlotte Leigh200440.76
Eleanor Bainbridge200326.68
Eleanor Bainbridge200327.67
Elena Nakariakova200331.18
Elena Nakariakova200331.29
Sarah Brown200336.29
Sarah Brown200338.03
Rebecca Burden200224.2
Amberlily Boff200224.23
Nadia Groves200224.78
Nadia Groves200225.44
Charlotte McSharry200226.9
Lucy Grantham200227.08
Charlotte McSharry200227.09
Paige Baker200227.76
Paige Baker200229.08
Lucy Grantham200229.22
Rachel Leigh200229.53
Rachel Leigh200229.88
Hattie Morris200231.34
Sophie Chand200231.53
Faye Dunkley200231.9
Hattie Morris200232
Lauren McConnachie200232.16
Louise Way200232.37
Louise Way200232.61
Lauren McConnachie200232.85
Sophie Chand200232.93
Skye Richardson200233.75
Tamandeep Sembi200236.65
Charlotte Anderson200120.34
Lucy Atherton200122.4
Ana Vicary200122.68
Ana Vicary200122.71
Georgia Ementon200123.25
Lucy Atherton200123.27
Georgia Ementon200123.86
Lucy Cowen200126.33
Ellie Warmington200128.2
Eleanor Brown200128.28
Elsie Robottom200128.33
Ellie Warmington200128.35
Amy Wood200129.08
Lucy Cowen200129.26
Amy Wood200129.27
Sophie Dunham200129.72
Jessica Docherty200129.72
Eleanor Brown200129.84
Martha Ryan200130
Jessica Docherty200130.34
Daisy McDonald200131.28
Aimee Gowans200132.23
Keziah Frost200133.32
Louise Blunt200134.75
Sukie McWhirter200135.46
Riziki Xaaji200135.56
Layla Askew200135.7
Daisy McDonald200136.1
Riziki Xaaji200138
Layla Askew200138.16
Keziah Frost200140.06
Faith Goodliffe200019.65
Faith Goodliffe200020.16
Alysha Townsend200020.29
Abbie Grantham200020.49
Anna Cowen200020.56
Abbie Grantham200020.72
Alysha Townsend200021.27
Anna Cowen200022.31
Sian Smith200022.8
Ella Slater200022.87
Davina Mistry200022.96
Katie Bennett200023.59
Katie Bennett200023.88
Ella Slater200023.93
Charlotte Lloyd200023.93
Sian Smith200024.97
Naomi Davies200025.13
Georgia Parton200025.9
Charlotte Lloyd200026.23
Charlotte Gater200026.35
Naomi Davies200026.91
Petra Jancs200027.16
Charlotte Gater200027.9
Celine De Man200028.3
Celine De Man200028.52
Daisy Meade200029.88
Kim Pfahler200030.25
Kim Pfahler200030.43
Daisy Meade200030.53
Beth Stewart200032.41
Beth Stewart200032.66
Mia Smith200033.13
Maya Purcell200035.04
Mia Smith200035.16
Maya Purcell200035.4
Eve Hodson199918.16
Leanne Cope199919
Eve Hodson199919.15
Leanne Cope199919.52
Demi-Leah Green199919.84
Hannah Williamson199920.15
Hannah Williamson199920.34
Mollie McDonald199920.82
Demi-Leah Green199920.84
Lucy Mangan199920.93
Lucy Mangan199921.18
Mollie McDonald199921.55
Holly Cameron199921.84
Holly Cameron199922.75
Libby Bird199923.2
Abigail Smith199925.44
Abigail Smith199926.73
Grace Dunkley199930.36
Grace Dunkley199931.15
Shannon Turnbull199932.04
Lily Smith199932.34
Shannon Turnbull199932.53
Lily Smith199933.34
Jessica Bergin199818.62
Jessica Bergin199820
Kianya Lightbourne199820.93
Kianya Lightbourne199822.21
Emma Sherriff199823.12
Emma Sherriff199823.16
Lara Smith199823.33
Lara Smith199824.23
Anita Linton197832.18

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