Sprint Night Results for January 2017


Eve Smith200930.65
Millie Anderson200938.68
Elizabeth Caine200825.75
Lara Parker200826.97
Phoebe Moriarty200827.07
Kira Lukacs200829.81
Bethan O200831.85
Lucy Hargreaves200722.91
Molly Underwood200723.47
Lucy Harrison200725.38
Alice Smith200725.38
Caitlin O200726.19
Daria Issom200726.62
Kenza Ajimi200727.44
Lyla Davies200727.56
Nadia Lada200728.19
Lottie Joyce200728.9
Sahiba Jabeer200730.57
Amna Jawfer200730.63
Daisy Yarker200731.78
Chloe McDermott200732.1
Szonja Lukacs200621.77
Maya Swales200624.09
Grace Wilding200624.68
Keira McDermott200625
Olivia-Mae Nortey200626.21
Louisa Hall200626.26
Hazel Knowles200628.13
Charlie Smith200629.43
Shanai McTigue200630.93
Isabelle Eaves200633.53
Ellie Woodcock200522.09
Hollie Smith200522.39
Olivia Cunningham200522.72
Nia Underwood200523.06
Lilly-Anne Williams200523.13
Olivia Fife200523.66
Leah Chilvers200523.84
Emily Ingram200524.08
Angelle Agyemang200524.11
Rosa Coutts-Smith200524.25
Megan Davies200524.53
Dilara Pennison200525.78
Megan Gee200527.48
Mary Verrall200527.69
Kacey Evans200530.31
Oliwia Szwajkowska200532.32
Anastasia Issom200423.16
Emily Beethoven200423.19
Katherine Muldoon200423.25
Laura Conmy200424.44
Leah Christie200426.57
Olivia Young200426.86
Scarlett Garner200324.82
Amelia Hall200222.41

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