Sprint Night Results for January 2015


Darcey Moriarty200628.21
Charlie Smith200635.25
Freya Casey-Talbot200635.72
Ruby Brown200637.62
Milauna-Tess Darrell200638.56
Beth Turrall200528.65
Leah Chilvers200530.13
Mandeep Dhesi200531.72
Rosa Coutts-Smith200532.6
Danielle Beaufoy200532.69
Nia Underwood200533.09
Ysla Mitchell200534.41
Hollie Smith200534.5
Ruth Uwadiale200534.81
Lilly-Anne Williams200535.67
Megan Gee200537.44
Charlotte Cooke200542.16
Charlotte Leigh200424.83
Abigail Charlesworth200427.35
Elspeth Stratton200428.47
Melissa Wiseman200428.84
Anastasia Issom200429.97
Megan Westcott200430.65
Katie Arora200430.69
Laura Conmy200431.85
Mandeep Bains200433.42
Ciara Banks200433.87
Emily Beethoven200436.28
Marina Bushueva200437.69
Caitlyn Everett200325.62
Sarah Brown200325.94
Emma-Jane West200326.15
Lucy Gee200326.5
Molly Worland200326.62
Brianna Wright200327.13
Katie Brown200327.78
Milly Ledsham200328.09
Chloe Duggan200328.72
Ella Nicholds200331.43
Simone Uwadiale200334
Jessie Harrison200224.57
Georgia White200224.87
Paige Baker200225.31
Tamandeep Sembi200225.44
Rachel Leigh200225.65
Thea Carden200226.14
Sophie Stratton200226.58
Elzbieta Goralczyk200227.78
Mia Smith200230.91
Eleanor Brown200124.03
Ellie Warmington200124.12
Lucy Cowen200124.44
Rebecca Green200126.69

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