Coventry and District Secs 19 - Saturday 18th May 2019

Information for Coventry and District Secs 19 can be found as downloads on this page

Closing Date for entries - 8th April 2019

The downloads require Adobe acrobat to view. Please click the link above to download if you require it.

Warm up times are as follows
Session One - Warm up 1.00 pm for 2.00 pm Start
Session Two - Warm up 5.15 pm for 6.00 pm Start
Session Three - Warm up 8.00 am for 9.00 am Start
Session Four - Warm up 1.00 pm for 1.45pm Start
(The Association reserve the right to alter these times if necessary) Approximate finish on Saturday is 8.00 - 8.15 pm and Sunday 5.15 pm As usual this is a busy meet with a lot of competitors so space on poolside will be tight and warm up a little crowded , we ask clubs to bear with us this year as it should be better next year when we are moving to the new Coventry pool with more space and more lanes for warm up.
Any queries please contact

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