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A list of current coaching staff can be viewed here

Club Officials are elected according to swim England Law annually at the AGM. We encourage all members, parents and swimmers to attend the AGM to support nominations and election of Club Officials. Dates of such meetings are published both here (Noticeboard and Club Officials).

The Club Programme Manager (Jo Deakins) and Head Coach (Adam Ruckwood) are employed by the Club and report to the Executive.

All club officials with the exception of the above are unpaid volunteers. Any member can be proposed (and seconded) as an Executive of the Club at the AGM. Life Presidents and Members are nominated following exceptional service to the club and sit on the executive. We encourage nominees for club officers from a broad section of the club but caution such of the commitments therin. A Club of the size and ranking of City of Coventry Swimming Club requires officials to devote a great deal of time to the running of the club.

We are proud of the heritage and history that is incumbent within the executive. Most of our club officials have been members of the Club for a considerable number of years in some cases the full 47 years of the Club existence (and more!!). We are also well represented at all levels within Swim England, such as Coventry & District, Warwickshire, West Midland Region and Nationally. The committment of our voluntary executives should not be underestimated.

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The sub-committees are an incumbent part of club administration. These report to the executive through an elected representative.

The sub-committees are as follows:-

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