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  1. History
  2. Club Aim
  3. Membership
  4. Training Fee Payment Scheme
  5. Coventry Swim School
  6. Sprint Night
  7. Time Trials
  8. Progression
  9. Parental Assistance
  10. Sponsorship
  11. Competition Procedure
  12. Club Shop
  13. Medical Conditions
  14. Club Notices & Communication
  15. Code of Conduct
  16. Code of Ethics

A Brief History

The City of Coventry Swimming Club was formed in 1973 by an amalgamation of the city"s three competitive swimming clubs:

  • Coventry
  • Godiva Ladies
  • Three Spires

They had each been successful teaching and coaching centres in their own right prior to the amalgamation. The teaching and development role has been continued throughout the years up to the present day with the Friday evening Club night.

The Club Aim

The targets for the Club throughout the season are:

  • To improve our Clubs National ranking
  • To have more International success and recognition for members
  • To have more qualifiers at National & District events.
  • To win every league and relay team event
  • To increase the number of competitive opportunities for members
  • To increase the numbers of members involved in running the Programme

Club Membership and Registration

All members of the Coaching Programme must be members of the City of Coventry Swimming Club. Membership is for a full yearand payable in January by an anual direct debit - with a sliding scale if joining part way through the year. This ensures, amongst other things, that all individuals are covered for insurance purposes. If there are three members within the same family, two will pay the full amount and the third will be charged at 50%. We also have Family memberships available for members of the same family living in the same household.

Additionally, to enable participation in competitions, swimmers who are 9 years and over must be registered with the sports governing body, Swim England. Every swimmer registered will receive regular email newsletters from Swim England.

The current costs payable by members will be published on the Club website.


The Training Fees Payment Scheme

The yearly fee is divided into twelve equal instalments and paid by direct debit.

Every member of the Training Scheme will be liable for the monthly fees and payment is taken by the 3rd of each month. Where there are three or more children in one family participating in the Training Scheme only the two swimmers in the highest rated groups will be required to pay full fees, the swimmer in the lower group will be required to pay 50%.

In general, no reductions will be made except through long-term illness or injury where considerations will be made provided a medical certificate is obtained. The Club have a payment policy which can be sent to you by request.

Details of setting up a direct debit will be given to you on joining or can be requested from the Clubs Assistant Treasurer; Pam Offer on 

Coventry Swim School learn to swim information

Prior to attending the Swim School your child"s ability will have been assessed and they will have been placed into a suitable class. There are 30min lessons for Stages 1-4 and 40 min classes for Stages 5-7.

The Swim School is an independent company to the Club and therefore operates under its own policies and procedures however still follow Swim England guidelines and policies.

The cost of the lessons is paid for by a monthly direct debit. Further details of the Swim School can be found on the dedicated website

There are ten levels of classes, all following Swim Englands Learn to Swim Framework. On achieving the relevant standards, swimmers qualify to receive the appropriate Learn to Swim Framework award (certificate and badge) and are moved up to the next level. At level 6 and above swimmers can be offered the opportunity to join the competitive swimming squads via the Pathways Scheme or there are opportunities to move to the Water Polo section. Swimmers in the higher levels (levels 7+) can be given the opportunity to take part in the "Sprint Nights" in the competitive squad section; these normally take place on the first Friday of each month between 6.00 and 7.00pm.

If you have any questions at all please ask the club representatives on the registration table.

Sprint Night

Sprint Night is held on the first Friday of every month, and the times are published on the web site

All eligible swimmers are encouraged to attend and take part in Sprint Night attempting all of the basic strokes. This will help to develop a friendly competitive environment whilst recording regular updates of performance times.

As an incentive Sprint Night Badges are awarded when achieving the times set out below:

Young Achievers Sprint Night - Standard Times



26.00 23.20 20.90
28.40 25.40 23.30
26.10 23.30 21.30
23.10 20.50 18.10

Time Trials

Time Trials for all members on 200 & 400 metre distances covering all strokes will take place on a Sunday of each month. All eligible swimmers are again encouraged to attend and take part in these events.

Results are published on the website


Swimmers will progress through the Club Scheme after a skill assessment of the individual. This will usually include achieving the following:

  • Gaining of BAGCAT Points for particular levels
  • Sprint Night times
  • Time Trial times
  • Stroke development - agreed standard attained
  • Competitive start award
  • Development Gala Results
  • Open Meet Results and other External Competitions

Additionally, a commitment to the Club, through training session attendance and the various competitions is essential.

Parental Assistance

Sprint Night

Sprint Nights and Time Trials are essential events for both the Club and the swimmers but they can only take place with the assistance of poolside helpers. Parental help is paramount for the continued success of Sprint Night and the Sunday Time Trial.

Therefore, all parents are requested to help wherever possible, but especially with:

  • Timekeeping
  • The recording of names & times

Guidance and training can be given where necessary, but it is important to have enough helpers to allow the event to be successful. Please make yourself available at poolside.

Remember, it is better to have too many helpers than not enough! If you are interested in helping out on Sprint Night please see Avril Ementon on Friday nights or sign your name up on the Notice board.


The Club takes part in many competitions and also hosts ranking events, usually at Central pool. To maintain the high standards of organisation that the Club achieves, we constantly require assistance in a whole variety of activities. This need not be a long-term commitment but often a willingness to help whenever assistance is required.

In general, help is always wanted (sometimes urgently), in all aspects of the Club, whether it is with timekeeping, the collating of information or becoming a parent representative.

Parental assistance is vital for the Club to survive.

For further info contact: Ruth Jelley on


The Club is always looking to actively promote itself and swimming in general, by establishing links with local or national companies through sponsorship "partnerships".

This would help to significantly reduce costs such as subscriptions, pool hire, insurance, travel etc.

If you can help either directly or indirectly please contact your squad parent rep in the first instance for guidance.

Competition Procedure

Advice on the swimmers diet before and during the meet can be found here


1) All swimmers are responsible for checking the information regarding events, which will be displayed prominently on the notice board. The notice board is located on the first floor of Coventry Sports Centre on the left hand side as you enter the changing rooms.
It is important to note the time of each session, the warm up and the location of the event, and for league matches, what time the coach leaves.

2) All swimmers are generally responsible for their own transportation to and from events, except for some league matches. They should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled warm up time. Cards for the event should be posted upon arrival at the pool, prior to changing.

3) Once changed the swimmers should report to the Team Manager and Coach at poolside before warming up.

4) The warm up should be based on the strokes and distances that they will swim. It is important during warm up to practice starts & turns, as the facilities at each pool at slightly different. Sprints may be available in a designated sprint lane towards the end of the warm up period.

5) Items which should be taken to events include:

  • 2 costumes / trunks
  • 2 towels
  • 2 White "C" caps
  • T-shirt, shorts. (tracksuit)
  • Poolside shoes (flip flops)
  • 2 pairs of goggles-ready adjusted

6) Before each event swimmers should report to the coaching staff for race instructions. They can then proceed to the event marshals for further instructions. From then on it is the swimmers responsibility to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time.


7) Upon completion of their event, swimmers should politely ask the timekeeper for their time and report this immediately to the coaching staff. It can then be discussed and "feedback" given on the race where appropriate.

8) Any swimmer wishing to leave the team area at poolside during the session must always seek permission from the Team manager. Even upon completion of their events they must ask permission before leaving.

9) Once permission has been given and swimmers leave the poolside they should ensure that:
i) They have collected any medals/ prizes
ii) They have all their personal belongings
iii) The area in which they were sitting is clean & tidy with any rubbish removed.

10) If a swimmer is unable to attend a competition because of illness or an emergency situation, the Team Manager for that particular event must be contacted ASAP.

The Club Shop

Club merchandise is only available on a Friday evening at poolside (left hand side as you come out of the changing rooms onto poolside) between 6:00pm and 7:00pm and is organised by a Club representative. This shop contibutes towards Club Funds.

At most main competitions a shop will be available stocking the usual essential items such as goggles, swimwear, boards and snack foods. These shops are external to the Club.

Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the swimmers to keep the City of Coventry Swimming Club fully informed of any medical condition that may affect the swimmer. A medical form is available for completion and is also given to swimmers when they change squads as a review. The medical form can be downloaded here.

In particular, any swimmer that suffers from asthma is required to complete a form, which must be updated yearly. Please contact your Coach or Parent Rep for details.

Club Notices

The Club will publish all information regarding competitions and any details relevant to the swimmers and parents on the Club Noticeboard. The notice board is located on the first floor of Coventry Sports Centre on the left hand side as you enter the changing rooms.

Similar information will be published on the online news service, found on the Club web site at

Code of Conduct

Please click here to download the Clubs Code of Conduct.

Code of Ethics

Please click here to download the Clubs Code of Ethics.

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