50m Sprints Covid-19 procedures & guidelines

 1.1 A Covid Lead has been appointed for this competition, details as below, in order to ensure compliance with Government and Swim England guidelines in place at the time of the competition.

1.2 This competition is being planned on the assumption that although social distancing measures have been lifted we will endeavour to ensure all competitors, volunteers, officials and spectators feel safe to attend the competition. Mask wearing is not compulsory but if you wish to then please feel free to do so.

 1.3 If it becomes clear before the event that any guidelines are removed, relaxed or tightened, then these conditions may alter between the time of issue and the event taking place. Any such revisions will be published on the Club website.

1.4 City of Coventry Swimming Club reserve the right to cancel this competition if it is unable to proceed due to changes in government legislation and/or guidance.

1.5 A Covid-19 risk assessment, which will be an evolving document as the situation changes, will be agreed with the pool operator.

1.6 Detailed briefing instructions will be issued to everyone attending this meet, and a signed ‘return to competition’ declaration must be completed by everyone attending this meet. It will be the responsibility of the club coordinator to obtain the necessary declarations and forward to the Covid Lead by 17/09/2021. Any subsequent changes to this declaration must be notified to the Covid Lead.

1.7 It is recommend that due to the nature of current circumstances, nobody commits to non-refundable travel or accommodation. The promoter will not be responsible for any losses, regardless of circumstances or cause.

1.8 By entering this competition, or the purchase of a coaches/team managers/chaperones pass, competitors and their supports agree that they will follow the instructions of the Covid-19 lead at all times. Failure to do so may result in the removal from the premises and competition.

1.9 It is a condition of attending this meet, that anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 or signs of illness do not attend the competition. Anyone showing symptoms/signs will be escorted to a separate area to be isolated from others. We encourage all in attendance at the competition to undertake a lateral flow test within 48 hours prior to Saturday.

1.10 If there are any confirmed cases (backed by a positive PCR Test) everyone deemed to have been in close contact will be contacted so a decision can be made on whether self-isolation is needed.

Updated 13/09/2021


Jo Deakins, COVID Lead, Joanne.deakins@coventry-swimming.org.uk, 07815 835526

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50m Sprints Covid-19 procedures & guidelines
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