Winter Meet 2021 Covid-19 procedures & guidelines

Meet Promotor: Mr Simon Sinclair 

Meet Covid Lead: Mrs Jo Deakins

Seating Plan

Poolside Allocations - Saturday

Poolside Allocations - Sunday

Below is a reminder of the criteria that is in the Meet conditions:

1.     A Covid Lead has been appointed for this competition, details as above, so that in the event of any changes to Government and/or Swim England guidance on holding safe swimming competitions, they are in place to lead on anything necessary Covid related.

2.     If there are changes to Government and/or SE guidance, these terms and condition are subject to change. Any such revisions will be published on the Club’s website.

3.     City of Coventry SC reserve the right to cancel this competition if it is unable to proceed due to Government and/or SE guidance.

4.     In view of 3. above, City of Coventry SC recommends that nobody commits to non-refundable travel or accommodation. The Club will not be responsible for any losses, regardless of circumstance or cause.

5.     By entering this competition, or the purchase of poolside accreditation, competitors and their supporters agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. This will include any Covid-19 requirements that may be recommended. Failure to do so may result in removal from the premises and competition.

6.     All persons attending this meet are asked to undertake a lateral flow test the night before/day of the meet prior to attending the competition, and not attend the competition if this test proves to be positive, or if they are showing any Covid-19 symptoms.

7.     All persons attending this meet will be asked to complete a Return to Competition Health Declaration form

8.     The promoter reserves the right to alter the programme of events if it becomes necessary due to Government and/or SE guidance.


In addition to the above there are other things to note to ensure we are holding a meet that is as safe as possible.

·        Clubs will be allocated areas to sit on poolside and in the sports hall on a rotational bases by sessions and are encouraged to remain in their club areas as much as possible. Pool Plans will be in place for space allocation for clubs for each session. Swimmers/Team Staff to enter through the door under the wooden canopy at the football pitch/scoreboard end of the pool and not through the main reception.

·         Marshalling will be held in the hall – please note we only have half of the hall that is nearest to the reception area. Entry is via the door by the main front door and exit is via the door the other side of the barriers in reception. A one-way system is in place so please ensure you enter/exit through the right door.

·         A one way system will be in place, anti clockwise around poolside, and entry to the hall is from poolside via the changing rooms. Hand sanitiser will also be available at the entry to poolside.

·         Please can Officials & volunteers not needed for the warm ups only come onto poolside if necessary during that time.

·         Only swimmers swimming in the session at the time are permitted to be on poolside with their clubs. Any swimmers not competing in that session should remain off poolside or out of the sports hall.

·         Masks are strongly encouraged but not compulsory to wear, especially in high traffic areas like changing rooms and corridors. We ask that you respect people’s space and try not to overcrowd as much as possible.

If anyone shows symptoms of COVID and/or has a positive LFT within 48 hours of them leaving the meet they must undergo a PCR test and inform the COVID lead of a positive result. The COVID Lead/Meet promotor will then inform the relevant Clubs who are deemed to have been in close contact with that person by email.

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