Duel in the Pool (Internal) April 2024

Duel in the Pool 14th April 2024

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To avoid empty lanes and make for better competition, it would be appreciated if any withdrawals prior to the day of meet could be reported to the organisers withdraw@coventry-swimming.org.uk by the day before the competition

For Safeguarding reasons and in line with the Alan Higgs policy

1. No photography or videoing on poolside, balcony or in the changing village unless it is authorised by pre-arrangement with the club, gala host and Alan Higgs;
2. No training aids are to be used in the warmups/swim down areas except for kick boards and pull buoys. No fins, hand paddles, bungees and parachutes to be used.
3. Swimmers should not leave the pool deck area without suitable footwear

If anyone has any welfare issues, please contact welfare@coventry-swimming.org.uk 


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