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Open Meet - Helpers needed by Simon Sinclair on 27/10/2014 @ 22:42
We are in desperate need of people to assist with the 
running of the meet being held in Coventry this weekend, in 
particular with refreshments and stewarding. Even if you 
are available for one session it all helps! No previous 
experience necessary!

If you can spare a few hours this Saturday to help the 
club, please email calie.smith@coventry-swimming.org.uk. 
Without your help the club will not be able to run future 
events like this!
Thursday\ by Jo Deakins on 27/10/2014 @ 09:37
We have just had notification that the \catch up\ session at President Kennedy will not be running this week
due to half term. Everything will be back to normal from Thursday 6th November.
Changes to Training over the next 10 days by Adam Ruckwood on 21/10/2014 @ 20:41
We have had word that Lyng Hall is closing for essential maintenance the week commencing Monday 27th October
and will be closed for the rest of that week.  Therefore we will be changing some sessions, times and venues
around to accommodate as many swimmers as we can.  Due to coaches being away there will also be no training at
Tile Hill on Wednesday 22nd or 29th October or at Foxford on Monday 27th or Thursday 30th October.  There will
be the following changes to training:

Wednesday 22nd October

Green Achievers swimmers to go to either Blue Achievers at Lyng Hall 6-7pm or Red Achievers at Foxford on
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm

Monday 27th October

Blue Achievers and Red Achievers swimmers can to go to Green Achievers at Tile Hill 7.00-8.00pm or Coventry
Sports Centre 6.30-7.30pm.
HA2 move to Coventry Sports Centre 6.30-8pm.

Tuesday 28th October

Sorry, we are going to have to cancel the sessions for HA2 and JP2 that night.

Wednesday 29th October

Blue Achievers and Green Achievers swimmers move to Coventry Sports Centre 7.15-8.15pm.
Elite 2 will move to 5.15-7.15pm.
The adult improver class will be cancelled.

Thursday 30th October

HA1 to Coventry Sports Centre 6-7pm
Junior Club to Coventry Sports Centre 7-8pm

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and are sorry for the disruption.

Time to send your views... by Simon Sinclair on 29/7/2014 @ 22:35
As you may be aware the council released its plans for a new 
pool in the city this week. We are very disappointed with 
their outcome, following much research.

Now its time for you to send your views to the below list of 
contacts #keepthe50incov



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