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July Newsletter

Devon tour travel update by Calie Smith on 29/7/2016 @ 19:13

Our eta is 21:30. Please be there on time and could you keep the coach drop off bay clear for when we arrive. Thanks

Devon tour: Travel update by Calie Smith on 29/7/2016 @ 18:13

Long delays on the m5 which continue to slow our progress. We will update you when we are closer to the Midlands likely to be back around 21:30 ish.

Devon tour update by Calie Smith on 29/7/2016 @ 08:41

Good morning Devon Tour Parents: We have just left the accommodation and on route to woodlands theme park for the day. I will post information on departure time of leaving the theme park and and expected time of arrival this evening to Coventry.

Devon Tour Update by Calie Smith on 28/7/2016 @ 08:32

Today, Thursday on route to ultimate adventure centre for total wipeout course, high ropes, nerd arena and more activities....for the day. Gala 4 at Barnstaple swimming club.

Devon tour updated by Calie Smith on 27/7/2016 @ 19:45

After a fabulous day at quay west water park, gala 3 at Dawlish swimming club: Dawlish B 5th place with 45 points, Oddicombe 4th place 64 points, 3rd place Phoneix team 118 points, 2nd place Godvia team 131 points and 1st place Dawlish A swimming club 148 points. Well done. All now eating chips. Thank you Dawlish for hosting for us.

Devon tour update by Calie Smith on 27/7/2016 @ 09:00

All enjoyed yesterdays outside activities gorge scrambling, rock climbing and a trip to the cinema seeing BFG. Wednesday: currently on way to the water park, this evening will be gala 3 at Dawlish Swimming Club.

Devon tour update by Calie Smith on 25/7/2016 @ 20:39

Monday: All having a great time, today been very busy with laser games, visit to the beach and competing. Both teams winning Phoneix team 1st place 169 points and Godvia 2nd 161 points. On way now back to the accommodation. Children will contact you once we are back as there is limited signal on route to the accommodation and some may need to charge there devices.

Race Simulation by Adam Ruckwood on 2016-06-09
Nice job yesterday from Senior Elite with their Race Simulation day - fast swimming guys!

Solihull invitation Gala by Steve Burke on 2016-03-12
Our first opurtunity to see how we performed as a team we had no good swims only great ones. With 24 1st 12 2nd 7 3rd places and 2 DQs we won with 243 points 24 points ahead of Rugby and 41 points ahead of Solihull . Thanks to Mel Mcwhirter for team managing no mean task on your own. Well done!

100 Challenge by Paul Wilson on 2016-02-11
Big effort tonight from HA1 and JP, congrats especially to Niall going 40 100s! #fastswimming

#fastswimming by Paul Wilson on 2016-02-10
HA1 loving life with a max kick set, they love kick so much! Booooom!!

Great Week for Junior Elite by Rikki Morris on 2016-01-30
Excellent session this morning from Junior Elite! And great way to end a hard week of work! Well Done!

Go Alex by Adam Ruckwood on 2016-01-26
Alex Carroll showing all the Senior Elite lads the way tonight with his 10.5 for 25m underwater kick with fins - boom! Charlie Waddingham not happy.......!

Great Session HA2! by Jessica Ford on 2015-11-24
A big well done to HA2 who put in their best effort this evening. One of the toughest sets weve done so far!

Junior Elite by Rikki Morris on 2015-11-11
Great session from Junior Elite tonight! The best threshold session weve done all season! Excellent work!

Coloured achievers by Steve Burke on 2015-11-01
Well done coloured achievers 3k today looked impressive and you all worked hard . Just remember fual just like all engines ensures they keep running so bring and drink plenty.

Ginger north trophy gala by Steve Burke on 2015-10-24
Well done to all swimmers who swam at leamington tonight there were some good hard swims and some great come backs . Well done guys lets build on this for the future . Thanks to the team managers who got all swimmers to the right place at the right time well done .

Great set HA1 by Paul Wilson on 2015-10-21
Great job from HA1 tonight, tough kick test, no backing down! Good job!!

Happy Birthday Abs by Adam Ruckwood on 2015-10-08
Big happy 17th birthday to Abi Humphreys - 40x100 Free at 5.30am this morning was my gift to her! Enjoy!!

Coaches Blogs by Adam Ruckwood on 2015-09-11
All of the coaches will soon have access to put their blogs on here, maybe it will be about something they have seen, something their groups have done. Keep your eyes peeled

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