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Mercian League by Rikki Morris on 20/4/2015 @ 21:25
The Venue for the Mercian League on Saturday is Newbold Comyn Leisure centre (CV32 4EW). Can all swimmers be
on poolside for 5.45pm.
Parent Focus Group Update by Jo Deakins on 17/4/2015 @ 08:30
If you would like an update from the Parent Focus Group who 
are primarily looking in the the retention of a 50m pool in 
the Coventry area and are not already on their mailing list 
please email cocscfocusgroup@gmail.com and they will gladly 
update you.
EXTRA Easter Swim Camp confirmed by Jo Deakins on 18/2/2015 @ 13:17
We are pleased to announce that we have had enough 
interested people to provide another Swim Camp at Easter. 
This will be held on the 13-16th April (Monday-Thursday 

If you would like to join these popular camps please 
complete the booking form and return to Rikki Morris. 
Bookings are not confirmed until we receive a form and a 
form of payment. Booking forms can be found under the 
swim camp tab on the left hand side of this webpage and 
will appear soon as a link at the top of the page.

Thanks for all the interest in these camps, they are 
worthwhile to the swimmers and the Club.
Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers by Jo Deakins on 13/2/2015 @ 10:07
We are again collecting the Active Kids Vouchers from 
Sainsburys so if you have any spare we would love to have 
them donated!

A box will be out on the Club Night desk every Friday 
night up till the closing date on the 5th May.

Last year we were able to use the vouchers for 24 dive 
sticks and six swim fins for learn to swim which was 

Thanks in advance for any vouchers collected.


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