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Forthcoming Devon Tour Fundraiser Events by Jo Deakins on 6/7/2015 @ 08:53
** Race Night- This Friday 10th July from 8pm- Start about 8:15pm ish. Tickets will be available to buy on the
door, but if you can let Calie know you will be attending in advance that would be helpful.

** Clothes Collection- change of deadline Sunday 12th July

Please if you have still bags of clothes, Calie can pick up from you this week, meet half way, pick up from
training? Or if you are attending the Development gala next Saturday you can also hand things over then.

Thanks in advance for your support.
Devon Tour Fund-Raising by Adam Ruckwood on 3/7/2015 @ 11:36
Many thanks to everyone who helped out at the Car-Wash and Cycle-Challenge at the Village Hotel last weekend. 
186.50 was raised towards the Devon Tour.

Well done everyone involved!!

Clothes Collection for Devon Tour by Jo Deakins on 25/6/2015 @ 10:32
The first clothes collection in aid of the Devon Tour has raised  98.00. Thanks you to all who donated. There
is a second collection planned for around the 6th July so if you have any clothes you wish to donate then
please if you can have any clothes in bags ready Calie can pick them up from you. If you can let Calie know
she can arrange pick up time or around training times on calie.smith@Coventry-swimming.org.uk or Calie is
normally at the Club Night desk on Fridays.


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